1. General Rules
This website (hereinafter referred to as "company") will always protect the security of user's personal information. When the company provides services to registered users, we need to collect and maintain personal information and use your personal data so that we can pass through the digital asset trading platform software, API (application program interface), products and/or functions ("service"). To provide you with access and application services. Therefore, companies disclose how to use personal information and how to protect personal information security through privacy policies.
Privacy policy may be changed accordingly according to the regulations. After the change of privacy policy, users can view it at any time on the home page of the official website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

2. Collection of Personal Information Protocol
The company needs the user's consent to use the user's personal information. The "Privacy Policy" page on the home page of the official website will provide the user's personal information agreement. If you have registered and used the services we provide, it means that you agree to collect personal information.

3. Purpose and use of personal information collection
The company collects, processes and stores personal data through your use of our services, and has obtained your consent. These personal data may include your contact information, copies of the identity information you provide, or sources from accessible public access databases, identity card numbers issued by your government departments, passport numbers, e-mail addresses: confirm your identity and confirm your customer's identity, or contact with your device or Internet service. Any information related (such as IP address and MAC number). Companies use personal data to communicate with you, and manage, implement, improve and develop personalized services for you.

4. Prevent fraudulent users and unauthorized users
When the user completes the registration and uses our service, we will receive the online information necessary to provide the service. The basic information received at the time of registration includes your name, e-mail address, etc. In addition, in order to provide better service, users need to enter your phone number and bank account number. It is convenient for our exchange to confirm personal information or provide certain prizes for registered users during the activity.

We do not collect sensitive personal information on human rights violations. If it is necessary to collect this information, we will seek your consent in advance. In any case, the information you enter will not be used for other purposes, nor will it be disclosed.

5. Sharing and providing personal information collected
When collecting and using personal information, the company shall not provide user information to third parties without the consent of users, and shall not exceed the scope of use of information stipulated in the agreement.
Except for the following special cases:
In the case of relevant legal requirements (e.g. government/investigating body requests through legal procedures in accordance with applicable law);
Users agree to release in advance;
Violation of the terms of service or operating principles, such as the terms of service and any other services posted on the website;
If you have to protect your legal rights by disclosing your personal information;
Settlement of fees in accordance with service regulations when necessary;
Statistical writing, academic research or market research need to provide specific personal information in an unrecognizable form
Companies may provide or share personal information with their branches or partners in order to provide better services for users. If we provide or share your personal information, we will inform you in advance what the branch is, which personal information items will be shared, and why such personal information will be shared, users will be informed one by one, and users will be asked for their consent. If the user does not agree, we will not provide your personal information to other organizations.
6. Personal information management about users (modification, deletion, etc.)
Users can log on to the website at any time and change their personal information. You can also make a request to the person in charge by e-mail or written form. We will send the person in charge to make the change according to the user's request. However, the identity information such as customer ID and real name can not be changed.
Users can terminate the agreement at any time, stop letting third parties provide services use your personal information, or terminate the agreement by e-mail, telephone, fax or other means, but they must provide identity certificates and e-mail addresses.

7. Matters about cookies operation
To provide customized services for customers, we use cookies to store and retrieve information from time to time. We determine if your computer is related to cookie management, but it will not be recognized.
Users can choose "cookies" in the Web browser to accept all cookies by choosing "tools", "Internet options", "security", "user-defined level". They can save one cookie at a time or refuse to store all cookies. If you refuse to store all cookies, you will not be able to use the services we provide through cookies.

8. Measures to Ensure Personal Information Security
According to the relevant regulations, the following technologies are adopted to manage and protect the safety:
Personnel Management Measures: Minimizing and Training Personal Information Processors
We designate employees who process personal information and restrict them to the person in charge.
Implementing measures to manage personal information: conducting regular self-audits
We conduct our own audits regularly (quarterly) to ensure the security of personal information processing.
Development and implementation of internal management plan
We have developed and implemented an internal management plan for the safe handling of personal information.
Encryption of Personal Information
The user's personal information is encrypted, stored and managed so that only the user can use it, and the use of important data can be provided with separate security functions, such as encrypting files and transmission data or using file locking function.
Technical Measures to Prevent Hacker Attacks
The company installs security procedures, updates and inspects them regularly. When the company's system is invaded by external systems, it organizes the invasion through encryption and anti-invasion technology to avoid the leakage of personal information caused by hacker attacks or computer virus intrusions.
Restrict access to personal information
We take necessary measures to restrict access to personal information database systems by granting, modifying and deleting, and to control unauthorized external access by using intrusion protection systems.
Keep connection logs and prevent forgery
Access records of personal information processing systems are kept for at least six months, and security technology is used to encrypt them to prevent loss of access records through forgery and theft.
Using Encryption to Protect Document Security
We keep documents that store personal information and auxiliary storage media in a secure place.
No unauthorized access
We keep personal information in a separate physical storage location and set up access control programs for it.

9. Personal Information Administrator and Leader
We are trying our best to ensure the security of user's personal information. If you find that the information is used abnormally, please contact the company customer service in time.
User ID password is kept by the user privately. No one can ask for the user password in any way. Users need to protect the security of the password at all times and do not leak it to others.
If your ID password is leaked, we can remedy it technically, but because of the accident caused by the basic network danger (such as hacker attack), we are not responsible for it.